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The Program

CoupleTalk: Cracking the Code to an Amazing Relationship offers a set of powerful communication tools which teach you healthy ways to communicate as a couple about any topic – no matter how sensitive – and help you to improve your everyday communication.

CoupleTalk combines insightful video-based instruction, interactive exercises, and a workbook filled with practical advice and helps.  View several short videos that give you a sampling of the CoupleTalk experience >>

  • CoupleTalk is a unique “experiential” program. After you watch the video instruction and demonstration of the exercises, you will practice them yourselves! Research confirms that practice is essential in changing behaviors, so there will be plenty of practice time during each video session. Follow along in your workbook, and keep the video playing while you practice – the countdown clock will keep you on track.
  • CoupleTalk is for ALL couples. This program has helped all types of “real” couples – dating, engaged, married with young children, married “forever,” yes, even couples in distress. So, wherever you’re at – we welcome you!
  • CoupleTalk has a Christian Version and a Universal Version. The Christian Version is set in a Scriptural context and offers you practical communication skills that reflect our Lord’s desire that we “speak the truth in love” – even when you’re angry with your spouse! Although it’s a Christian program, the faith content is gentle – wherever you’re at in your faith journey, you’ll feel accepted and comfortable in CoupleTalk. The Universal Version has all the same communication skills, without any faith content.
  • Couples Alone or Group Classes. CoupleTalk can be used by a couple in the privacy of their own home. It can also be used by small groups, or even in a retreat format with many couples.
  • DVDs or Online streaming. Watch the videos on DVD or watch by streaming online. The online version offers different length sessions (90, 75, 60 or 45 minute sessions) to fit any situation.
  • CoupleTalk LIVE! on Zoom. Periodically Don and Alex lead live online CoupleTalk classes on Zoom. For more info on these classes, email:

Click the link below for more info, or to get CoupleTalk for yourself!

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