Each topic faces a balancing act. A relationship can be off balance in either direction. There are two extreme, unhealthy ways of handling each topic, and then there is a healthy middle: The Third Option.


“Unhappy spouses may hope that time heals all wounds and the relationship will get better. But the healthy couples try to resolve problems rather than outlast them.” ~Lauer


Self-Reflecting Questions:

  • Do I take responsibility in letting my partner know that I feel there is a problem between us?
  • Do I turn disagreements into a power struggle to get my way?
  • Do I cloud the issue by dredging up past grievances and mixing a lot of issues together?
  • Am I willing to compromise?
  • Do I refuse to discuss/deal with issues/problems for which my partner has expressed concern or disagreement?
  • Do I do everything I can to encourage calm decision and mutual decisions?

Join us to learn The Third Option and how to work your way there, to the healthy, middle solution.

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