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The Third Option class needs your help…

We’ve recently lost the federal funding for our Third Option class in Fullerton and the team has decided to keep “TTO” going on our own. WE’RE DETERMINED TO KEEP THE CLASS FREE FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS.  We’re new at this fundraising thing, and we’re grateful for all your offers of support!



  • We’ve contacted hundreds of supporters, alumni, and current participants.
  • Already received several monthly pledges from wonderful individuals and partial support from a local church! (Thank you Nancy, Brent, John and Lucy, and EV Free Fullerton!)
  • Using an in-class donation box so that participants WHO ARE ABLE will have the option to donate
  • Secured the sponsorship of a small, local nonprofit so donations are fully tax-deductible.




We would really appreciate your contributions! You can choose a one-time gift or a recurring monthly “sponsorship.” Click on the big blue button below.


​Share this page.  If someone referred you to The Third Option, please share this page with them. They believed in the program enough to refer you and they may want to help out.


How much does it “cost” for a TTO participant to attend?

  • NOTHING! It’s free! This is still our goal. The Third Option is too important to our participants.
  • Our participants are doing the hard work of self-growth and shouldn’t have the added burden of having to pay for the class.


How much does it really cost?

To pay for rent, childcare, insurance, paid staff, and supplies, it costs approximately $12.50 per week for each person. Thank you, federal government and HRC, for your 4-year sponsorship. We wish it could have been longer.  🙂


Can I “sponsor” a person or couple who is attending?

Sure! If you’ve personally benefited from TTO, you may want to “pay it forward” by paying for a person or couple to attend. When you donate, choose a recurring monthly pledge:

  • $50 monthly pays for one person
  • $100 monthly pays for a couple


Thanks so much for helping others develop healthy relationships! We’ll keep you posted on how our efforts are going.


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